The Latest Alice Cullen Saga Doll Available

Uncategorized June 25th, 2012

If you love the exciting Twilight Saga series, you’re sure to love the newest addition to the Twilight collection, Alice Cullen doll. Alice, the petite and perky, the true friend and confidant of Bella Swan, is depicted artistically in the latest fashion doll.

Because of the great popularity of the Twilight Saga, all the merchandise associated with the series of also very popular. You’ll especially love Edward’s favorite sister, Alice. Just as Alice was sweet and true, stylish and even a little quirky, so is the new Alice Cullen doll.I found some more information here. You’ll also love her classic clothing including her signature black ballerina flats, her fashionably spiky hair and her beautifully delicate features. Her golden expressive eyes always remind you of her psychic powers and her hidden strengths. You’ll be amazed at the Alice Cullen doll’s likeness to her on-screen counterpart, Ashley Greene.

You’ll find a great selection of Twilight Saga memorabilia online right now. Don’t wait. Get your sweet and sassy Alice Cullen doll today. Expect exquisite styling, contemporary wardrobe and even the Cullen family crest necklace. The stand that’s included let’s you display your new Alice Cullen doll for all to see and admire. After all, no Twilight collection would be complete without Alice.

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