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How To Have A New Moon Birthday

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How To Have A New Moon Birthday How do you have a new moon birthday? This is one of the most urgent and popular questions Twilight fans have been asking recently. If you search online you fill find a plethora of sites that cater to proving you with supplies for your next new moon birthday. [...]

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The Latest Alice Cullen Saga Doll Available

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If you love the exciting Twilight Saga series, you’re sure to love the newest addition to the Twilight collection, Alice Cullen doll. Alice, the petite and perky, the true friend and confidant of Bella Swan, is depicted artistically in the latest fashion doll. Because of the great popularity of the Twilight Saga, all the merchandise [...]

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Where To See The Latest Twilight Movie First

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Twilight is easily one of the biggest movies of this generation and since it was based on a book, there have been more fans than any other movie out there. The following continues to grow but there are people that are not exactly fans but they would love to actually watch the movie. This is [...]

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Tips For Getting Your Breaking Dawn 2 Ticket

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As the date draws closer, Twilight fans are all about the final movie and how to be the first in line to see the final installment of this sparkling finale. Getting a ticket to see the premier no longer involves camping out at the box office. Now we have innovations of technology which can allow [...]

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Where To Get The Coolest Edward or Jacob T-Shirt

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Twilight has become a major craze and has many fans ranging from teens to adults. These twi-hards love absolutely everything that there is to love about Twilight and it is quickly becoming a life-style. Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, you can get the perfect Twilight shirt for you! Of course, if you [...]

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